Sunday, 29 September 2013

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzzy Bee....

.....Buzz if you like but don't sting me! Sorry had that little ditty buzzing round my head all last night when I was doing this weeks postcard for SPA where the theme is Bees if you haven't already guessed! LOL!
Headed for my Sheena Douglass stamps for this one with her lovely bejewelled bee from her Fantasy Floral collection.  The quote is from another one of Sheena's sheets, thought it was apt as apparently bees defy physics because they should be too heavy to fly.

Donna xx


  1. Lovely postcard; will have to check out the Sheena Douglas stamps.

  2. The metal and jeweled look of the bees really adds emphasis to your quote and that bees should not be able to fly.

  3. Beautiful card, love the sentiment and that bee is just so lush and lovely x


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