Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Play time!

For my last piece for this month for Creative Expressions I've made a small button jar by altering/decorating a little jam jar.  This was just a couple of hours playing whilst watching a bit of TV so apologies that there are no photo's of various steps.

I started with a plain jam jar and painted it with some Antique Linen Distress paint.  The dressforms were stamped onto tissue, coloured with markers and cut out.  Also stamped some text onto some tissue. Once the paint was dry I glued bits of the text and the cut out dressforms onto the jar using Mod Podge.  Then using gold embossing powder I added some embossed texture.  I started by using a stamp but then didn't really like it so just smeared bits of embossing ink on with my fingers and sprinkled with powder......told you I was playing! Then out came the glue gun and some buttons which got glued in a few places on the jar and all over the lid.  Now I have a feeling that I might actually paint over all the buttons with more Antique Linen paint because the more I look at it the more I'm liking that idea but for the moment it's staying as is! :)

Donna xx


  1. Super little conversion job - even more impressive when you only had half an eye on what you were doing ;)


  2. A beautiful alteration and vintage dressmaking is one of my all time favourite themes.
    I like that this is both practical and pretty.

  3. Love this idea......can u tell me what ink u use to stamp onto tissue paper please????? Thankee u, Claire


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