Thursday, 28 July 2016

Shows, Christmas and some canvas fun!!

Guess what I'm going to hit you with...... a bit more Christmas! Sheena has a couple of shows this Saturday at 2pm and 6pm on Hochanda and she's got some of last years Christmas Perfect Partner stamps and dies on.  They were such a lovely collection and it's always fun to revisit an old friend :)

Was watching some Pebeo shows the other day and it reminded me of some paints that I first used over a couple of years ago when Sheena brought them to air along with a collection of flower stamps...Pebeo Prisme Paint, it's a wonderful paint that splits and creates great patterns as it dries all on its own, no effort required!! So out came the Prisme, the good old favourite Dyna paints, some Pebeo foil and  of course the Pebeo Gilding Wax and at the end of a the afternoon I had this Christmas canvas......

So let me give you a brief breakdown of what I did.  I started off by painting an 8" x 12" canvas with black gesso, then I made myself a spruce stencil by using the Spruce die to cut a shape from a piece of card. Then using a bit of sponge I applied some Dyna paint, I used the Green/Yellow and the Green/Blue colours.
For those of you who haven't used Dyna paints before they are thick acrylic paints packed with interference mica so will show different colours depending on the colour of the background they are painted onto and as they are moved. Once I'd finished stencilling on the spruce I then sponged a little extra colour around just to soften the look slightly. Then I die cut some baubles from some ordinary card and from some old corrugated cardboard and ripped a bit of the surface away to show some of the corrugations.  You can see the effect in the picture below where I was placing things just to get an idea of composition.....
The corrugated baubles I painted with black gesso, then dry brushed some dyna paint on.  Once it was dry I then lightly applied some silver gilding wax and glued them in place on the canvas.  The ordinary card ones I also stuck in place but I outlined those with the gilding paste and then filled them with the Prisme  paint......just use a pipette and drop a little paint on and let it spread up to your raised line of gilding paste.

I also dropped a few dots of the Prisme paint randomly over the canvas and also splattered a bit of silver paint from a Pebeo paint pen. I used the gilding paste as well to 'pipe' the strings for the baubles.  Once the gilding paste had gone clear I applied some silver foil.....NOTE that if your Prisme paint is still tacky when you do this the foil will also stick to that as well. So if you don't want that just be careful. I let it happen because I liked the effect......
I finished it off by stamping and heat embossing a few festive words. This was such a lot of fun to create, love playing with lots of different paints! If you've never had a go then why not have a play me you'll be back to being a kid again with painty fingers!! :):)

Don't forget to tune in and watch Sheena, there will be lots of cool samples to see from the team :)

Thanks for stopping by
Donna xx


  1. This is great and so clearly explained, Donna. I've recorded both Sheena's shows, but just caught a 'live' glimpse of this sample (and Sheena looking good in a square neck top). I love Pebeo products, but I hadn't thought of using the gilding paste like Cerne relief. Need some sustenance after a busy three days, then I will relax and enjoy the shows and samples at leisure.

  2. Fabulous canvas Donna and thanks for sharing "how to" saw this on Sheenas show and now I know how
    Love these paints and how they change colour on different colours lots more for your crafty pennies!
    Maggie H

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