Sunday 17 November 2013

Renaissance...... the theme this week on Sunday Postcard Art.  I went on a bit of a rummage and unearthed an old stamp I haven't used in ages.....

Wanted to add some richness to it so stamped a grid pattern using a Kaisercraft stamp 'inked' with Cosmic Shimmer Flake and Glitter glue and then added some gold gilding flakes.  Would just like to give you all a tip for when you are using gilding flakes......................DO NOT SNEEZE!!!! My table was lovely and gold for a few minutes! Lol!

Anyway once I'd cleared up the straying flakes I made a small tag to add to postcard featuring my Renaissance lady..........

Donna xx


  1. Love this, the imagery is fab as is the colour palette. Chris xxx

  2. Amazing interpretation of the theme!

  3. Totally luscious, Donna. Love the gilded background and the mix of pinks and golds.


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