Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Want to know a secret???????? do??

Well Sheena's got some new stamps out, they'll be launched on Friday on Create and Craft at 2pm.  As you can see from the sample below they're all about the seaside.......

 There will also be some lovely paints featured on the shows as well, Silks from Luminarte, truly gorgeous and if you love a little shimmer then you will love these.

Donna xx


  1. This is fab Donna, kewl hanging, kewl images. Chris xxx

  2. A fab make Donna - love it xx

  3. Just browsing your blog and had to comment on this fabulous hanging post as I love Sheena's stamps and have this new set which has been added to my rapidly growing Sheena stash.... Just realised you are an Inkoid lucky you. lol!



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