Tuesday 18 February 2014

Melt Pot playtime

....well today I have a little key ring/bag charm that I made using my melt pot to share with you.  First of all I have to admit that the melt pot is a completely new toy to me and this is one of the first real things I've made with it but it worked out reasonably well.......the rose ended up a little 'thicker' than I'd have liked but apart from that I was quite pleased with it! Anyway apologies to those of you who are expert melt potters but to all you newbies like me....here's what I did.

First of all I melted some clear ultra thick embossing powder then when it was melted I added a few drops of colour using the Cosmic Shimmer Crystal Colour Drops..........Azure Blue and Saffron Yellow and also a pinch of Ice White embossing powder and gently swirled it together with a spatula. Then I poured some of the melted powder onto the surface of the Fern Background stamp and immediately pushed a round cookie cutter down into it to make my shape.  I let it cool a little and then used my pokey tool to make a little hole to put a jump ring through. Once it was cool enough to touch I removed the cutter and removed the disc from the stamp......because it was still a little warm I was able to put the pokey tool back through the hole to make it a little bigger. Repeated the above process but this time used a couple of leaf cutters to make my shapes.

Once the shapes were completely cool I used a little of the Golden Light gilding was to highlight the texture left from the stamp. The rose was a white paper one which I made ages ago and was kicking around in my box.  So after cleaning out my melt pot I melted some more Ultra Clear, added a bit of Saffron Yellow colour and a little pinch of Pearl Ultra Thick and once all melted I dipped the rose in and then popped it onto a craft sheet to dry.  Then it was just a case of gluing it all together......and adding the jump ring etc.  So there you have it my first proper play with my melt pot but definitely not my last!!

Donna xx

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  1. Well done Donna, I still haven't used my Melt Pot (bought before Christmas). I was wondering what size of cutter you used?
    Best wishes


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