Monday, 29 September 2014

A new Spectrum Noir launch!!

AquaTints, pots of liquid watercolour!! You are going to love playing with these little beauties! They are the latest addition to the Spectrum Noir stable and will be launched on Saturday 4th October on Create and Craft as part of Sheena Douglass's Weekender shows. There will also be new stamps and some funky masks but the shining star (apart from Sheena of course!) will be the AquaTints.

Being part of Sheena's design team I've been lucky enough, along with the rest of the team, to get my hand on some of them to have a play with and I can honestly, hand on heart say I LOVE THEM!! They are so bloomin' versatile, you can paint with them, blend them like die based inks with a bit of blending foam, do all the techniques we know and love.....clingfilm, salt, caught in crystal etc etc. They faux bleach wonderfully, they mix with gesso to form a chalk like paint, they'll die your ribbon to match your projects, mix in with paperclay to colour it.......see told you they were versatile....and that's only after just a short time to play with them!

Here's one of my samples combined with some of Sheena's new stamps....Northern Lights :) Simply brushing on lines of colour onto dampened Sheena stamping card, also added some of the Silver metallic AquaTint for a little shimmer.....

First show will be at 9 am on Saturday, there'll be loads of great samples on show from my Inkoid mates and  Sheena will be demoing her heart out!

Donna xx


  1. Gorgeous, Donna! Great colour and a wonderful combination of images.
    Diane x

  2. Fantastic sample Donna, - these tints are just the best!!!!

  3. Wow stunning Donna, I'm very excited about these!!!


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