Friday 19 September 2014

A treasure from the deep....

....a Pirate's Bottle -
Well okay maybe just an empty bottle that I had some fun with! Lol! Its started life as an empty Schloer bottle which I coated with lots of bits of torn up white tissue.....(nothing fancy just some tissue I'd saved from some packaging)......made sure it went on with plenty of wrinkles so there would be lots of texture......
Once that was dry I added a few bits of Pebeo texture paste here and there, then when that had dried I painted the whole thing with Pebeo black gesso....
Then I wanted to add a bit of colour, wanted a sort of oil on water look, so I took three colours of Luminarte Silks......a dark green, a dark blue and a red.......and splodged it all over the bottle making sure it was well watered down because I wanted a shimmer of colour only. Once that was done and dry I lightly applied Renaissance Gold Pebeo Gilding Wax to highlight the texture.
So now for the label featuring the great Phantom Ship that is one of the new Sheena Douglass stamps launching today on Create and Craft at 9am. I cut myself a piece of Desert Storm Neenah Card the size I needed for the label and blended on some distress ink in Gathered Twigs and Pumice Stone, then I spritzed some water mixed with a little glucose onto my craft mat and laid my piece of card in it. Then I carefully scrunched up the card a bit, flattened it out with my hand and stamped the ship and the you might think why not stamp it first? Well that's exactly what I did the first time but but the time I'd finished inking and scrunching I'd lost too much definition, hence my second attempt and stamping a little later in the process...........once it was stamped I damped it a bit more and scrunched again. Then I roughed up the edges with a pair of scissors, tearing it in a couple of places as I went. After that I dried it with the heat gun, lightly rubbed more ink round the edges and then lightly sanded the top of some of the creases. I'm sure you've all seen Sheena's faux leather technique using Kraft card and the water/glucose mix well I discovered that using that same mix with Neenah card results in something that dried almost like a dried skin! Perfect for an old pirate's bottle!!
To finish I added an old button to the top of the cap, a few spider charms and wrapped some black hemp around the neck which I glued in place and added some gilding wax too.
I have to admit I had a huge amount of fun creating this, really hope you like it!! :)

Donna xx


  1. Absolutely fab.. Great tutorial too, thanks Donna, Px

  2. Brilliant Donna! The effect on the bottle is amazing! Those silks are just soooo cool and of course the label finishes it off to perfection! Love how you did the top too!

  3. Great tutorial, Donna and such an original idea - I love it!
    Diane xx

  4. AMAZING I completely love it! And it has inspired me to try it on something ! I don't know what yet but it's just brilliant! Xx

  5. This is agreat idea. Shall have to give it a go.


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